Electric Assist

As a Bionx Dealer, Berserkertm offers the option of upgrading your cycle to electric assist! Order with you Berserker to have a factory installed Bionx electric assist package that has everything shown in the picture to the left:

We offer you two options to upgrade to an electric trike with Bionx.

  • Bionx PL-350 Front Kit, 350W Motor, 37V - 9.6Ah Li-Mn Battery (3.1kg) with controller & throttle
  • Bionx PL-350 Rear Rack Kit, 350W Motor, 37V - 9.6Ah Li-Mn Battery (3.1kg) with controller & throttle, integrated tail light, 12VDC power outlet.

Both electric tricycle upgrade kits come with three key components:


The 350W motors offer:

  • 4 selectable power asist levels, with internal sensing to consistantly deliver the boost selected
  • 4 regenerating levels; the battery can be recharged while riding downhill or upon braking
  • Powerful, maintenance free Brushless DC motors with a 2 year Bionx factory warranty (watch the video below for more information)
  • Durable sealed aluminum casing to ensure a long life electric tricycle

Your electric trike will come with with a 36V NiMH or Li-Ion battery pack installed for easy removal. The batteries come with a Bionx factory 1 year warranty.

Your electric tricycle will come with a charger specific for the battery in your kit.

  • The Li-ion battery charges in approximately 4 hours, and will last for about 500 cycles.
  • It is also possible to recharge your electric trike battery while going downhill or while braking.
  • The rear rack battery pack offers an integrated tail light, and 12VDC power outlet.

Command Console
The Bionx command console for your electric trike gives you complete control over the operation of your electric trike. Our systems come standard with a throttle for proportional power assist on demand.

  • Power Assist: Selection between the 4 power assist levels, with an easy to read analog display to indicate the power supplied by the battery to your electric tricycle.
  • Regeneration: choose between 4 different battery recharge configurations
  • Multifunctional odometer:
    • Current Speed
    • Tripmeter
    • Odometer
    • Chronometer
    • Average Speed
    • Time
  • Battery Charge indicator to manage your remaining battery energy on your electric trike.
  • Alarm system with 4 digit PIN, when alarm system is activated, two wheel turns will set it off and put your electric tricycle motor into regenerative mode and sound an alarm.
  • Power assist maximum speed set to 20mph